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Kit List

With so many competing formats on the market today it is no longer commercially viable to own a full-size camera kit.

These days clients can ask for anything from DV, DVCAM, XDCAM, XDCAM HD DIGIBETA, HDV, DVCPro100 or HDCAM supplied on Tape, Disk, Hard Drive, P2 card, SD card, Compact Flash card or SxS.

With such a range of choice, it has become more cost effective to hire in camera kit on an "as needs" basis for high-end productions.

For corporate and documentary work, however, I do have my own DV/DVCAM/HDV kit plus a wide range of accessories and specialist kit.

Lighting Kit - various types for various jobs. Redheads, Fresnels, Low Power LEDs, Infra Red, Goal Posts with Black Velvet Background Cloth, Low Level Stands, Limpet Mounts, K-Clamps, Magic Arms, Camera Toplights. What I don't own can be hired. Whether it's a simple news shoot or talking head for a corporate or documentary, a low key backlit effect for horror/drama or a studio rig for a chatshow or live music set, I've designed it, rigged it, lit it or taught it somewhere along the line.

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