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Lighting Skills
Studio lighting rigging for multi-camera drama, chat-show, news, magazine and music performance.
Location lighting for news, corporate, documentary and drama using tungsten, HMI/MSR and cold lights.
Theatrical lighting for music performance.
Stage lighting installation for small venues and stadium gigs.
Infra-red lighting for wildlife night shoots (DC) and surveillance (AC).
Grip Skills
Vinten studio pedestals - most models.
Vinten, Sachtler, Libec, Miller, Ronford Baker and Manfrotto Tripods including Tall Legs and Baby Legs.
Vinten Tri-Track with post and BBC Welsh Arm.
Vinten Heavyweight Tripod for O.B. and Studio Heavyweights.
Vinten Porta-Ped.
Cambo Mini Jib, BBC Welsh Arm, Vinten Dolphin Arm jibs.
Hague Pipe Dolly, Focus Dolly and Track, Losmandy Dolly and Flexi-Track.
Attaching small cameras to Go-Karts, Car Interiors and Microlite Aircraft using K-clamps and suction mounts.
Camera Skills
Thompson Studio heavyweights for multi-camera drama, news, chat-show, corporate, web-cast and music video.
Thompson Studio lightweights for multi-camera news, drama, chat-show, music video and web-casts.
PSC camera kit for news, corporate, documentary and music video.
Most formats including BetaSP, Hi-8, mini-DV, DV, DVCAM, DVCPro, HDV. P2, CF Card, XDCAM.
XDCAM and XDCAM-HD disc based media.
P2 and CF solid state media.
Toshiba Lipstick-Cam and Sony Bullet-Cam.
Remote CCTV cameras using 2.4GHz Radio links.
Hand-held aerial shots from 2-seater micro-light aircraft.
POV and underwater Bullet Cam.
Hide work for wildlife.
Sound Skills
Calrec M and T series desks for studio news, chat-show, quiz-show. magazine, music and drama.
Fisher boom.
Fishpole Boom for corporate and drama.
Audio Developments 3 into 1 for corporate and documentary.
SQN series IV 4 into 2 for drama.
Studio music production.
Live music production.
Cubase, Sonar, Cakewalk.
Tape-based and solid-state location sound recording.

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